Accounting & Tax Services

Zhe Le Shanghai Consulting can help run your company, take charge of all you accounting needs , tax filling and do all the correspondence with the government and relevant bureaus regarding your company. Zhe Le will assign a dedicated account manager to your company as a single point of contact, thus enabling you to build a good relationship and help us understand your business.

Our certified accountants handle all of your accounts and government taxes.

(1) Establish and Maintain a Bookkeeping System: For control and tax purposes.

(2) Generating Financial Statements: Includes the preparation and creation of balance sheets and income statements. Note that Representative Offices (RO) are not required to generate these financial statements.

(3) Assistance in Annual Auditing and Examination: In China, the annual audit has to be conducted by a Certified Public Accountants (CPA) firm. Zhe Le’s accountants may not conduct the annual audit but can prepare for this audit internally by generating necessary financial statements and collecting necessary documents. Zhe Le can also assist in locating the appropriate auditing firm.

Details of Accounting Service

(1) Update company books in accordance with Chinese Accounting Standards.

(2) Prepare monthly financial statements for tax filing and submit [if applicable].

(3) File monthly Business Tax Return and Individual Income Tax Return.

(4) File Corporate Income Tax Return quarterly.

(5) Audit of Financial Statements [if applicable].

(6) Accounting Report (English Version according to Chinese Policy)

Secretarial & Legal Filling Service

Receive calls from bank and doing the work required by the bank, as well as feedback to the company (excludes cheque writing)

Receive calls from tax bureau and assist company to send and fetch the documents required by the officer.

Fapiao machine authorization every two months.

Assist the company in making tax payments.

Legal documents & company stamps filing (documents will be kept in secretary company).

Monthly client reports.